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Q:  Are Breast-Rx breast enlargement pills safe?
A: Yes! Breast-Rx is an all-natural herbal formula. Please see ingredient details. Breast-Rx is a 100% safe alternative to breast augmentation surgery.
Q:  What kind of results can I expect?
A: While every woman is different and results vary, most women see and feel results after a few weeks and will increase their bust size a full cup or more after just 3-6 months! You may experience breast sensitivity and tenderness which indicates Breast-Rx is working!
The dosage is 3 pills per day. It is best to take 1 pill at a time with a meal or snack 3-6 hours apart. This will maximize your results by increasing the absorption of the herbs. You should not diet to lose weight while on the Breast-Rx program as your body needs nutritious foods to aid in breast enlargement. We recommend limiting caffeine while taking Breast-Rx pills. You should not strenuously exercise (running, swimming, weightlifting) more than 6 hours per week while taking Breast-Rx pills. An increase in metabolism may inhibit the effectiveness of Breast-Rx pills and adversely affect your results.
Q:  Will I gain weight while taking Breast-Rx?
A: No. Breast-Rx specifically targets the development and growth of breast tissue only!
Q:  I am 16 and I am flat-chested, can I take Breast-Rx?
A: No. It is best to wait until over the age of 18 after puberty is over. Your body is still producing hormones that may change your breast size.
Q:  I am on the pill, can I take Breast-Rx?
A: Yes! There are no known negative side effects while taking any forms of birth control and Breast-Rx at the same time! Birth control will not inhibit the effectiveness of Breast-Rx.
Q:  If I am pregnant or nursing, can I take Breast-Rx?
A: No. Your body will be producing hormones that will make your breasts larger. We recommend waiting 6 weeks after giving birth to begin taking Breast-Rx, as long as you are not breastfeeding. We recommend waiting 6 weeks after you are done nursing before taking Breast-Rx.
Q:  Does Breast-Rx offer a money-back guarantee?
A: Yes. We offer a money-back guarantee for one year after your date of purchase. If, for any reason you are unsatisfied with your results, please email us for instructions and we refund your money (less shipping & handling).
Q:  Do I have to continue taking Breast-Rx to keep my desired results?
A: No. After you achieve your desired breast size and firmness, you may stop taking Breast-Rx and your results will be permanent!  Of course with natural breasts, weight changes and breastfeeding may cause changes in breast shape and size. You can always use an additional supply of Breast-Rx if needed.
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